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Paddington Art Prize 2019



Meeting the Past - Bathurst Harbour 

Jennifer Riddle


Acrylic on canvas


Tattersalls Landscape Prize 2019

Winner of People's Choice Award

Heirloom Reflections 2019

Jennifer Riddle

Acrylic on canvas



Glover Prize 2019

Winner of People's Choice Award



Monument of Memory 2019

Jennifer Riddle 

183cm x 183cm

Acrylic on canvas



'A Painted Landscape' by Amber Creswell Bell


A Painted Landscape

Publisher: Thames & Hudson

Book Release: November, 2018

A Painted Landscape by Amber Creswell Bell

Just as Dorothea Mackellar's words have a knack of swelling the metaphorical chest of many Australians with the evocative descriptions in her iconic encomium 'My Country', this book forms an aesthetic study of the Australian landscape as seen, experienced and expressed by the Australian artists who choose to paint it, and the connection to place that the artists have with particular geographical locations today.We have a rich legacy of legendary landscape painters in Australia, and this book is a curated collection of fifty artists working today, who are creating a rich and exciting vision of Australia's remarkable landscapes.This is Australia in the 21st century through a specifically creative lens. Artistic styles, visual language and motivations are as broad as this sprawling country; and the visions they paint are refracted through very different imaginations.Together these fifty artists paint a vivid image of the incredible diversity of landscapes that make this vast continent. 


Tattersalls Art Prize 2018 


Reverence 112x122cm Jennifer Riddle

Reverence 2018

Jennifer Riddle

Acrylic on Canvas



Hadley's Art Prize 2018

Winner of People's Choice Award


Verdant Garden 2018

Jennifer Riddle


Acylic on canvas



Paddington Art Prize 2017


Lure of the Quiet

Lure of  the Quiet 2018

Jennifer Riddle


Acrylic on canvas


Glover Prize 2017 

Winner of People's Choice Award & Children's Choice Award



Jennifer Riddles No Mans Land 152.5 x 183cm

No Man's Land - Bathurst Harbour 2017

Jennifer Riddle

Acrylic on Canvas 

153cm x 183cm


Length and Breadth - New Acquisitions from the Parliament House Art Collection.

22nd September - 13th November, 2016 Parliament House, Canberra.

From Flinders Ranges to the Darling Downs, Bathurst Harbour to Broken Hill Hill, this exhibition features a selection of contemporary Australian artworks acquired by Parliament House since 2013. It focuses on images of landscape, both real and the imagined, from across the vast Australian continent.

Featuring artist: Louise Feneley, Mel George, Pro Hart,Ray Ken, William Mackinnon, Joseph McGlennon, Karen Mills, Ian North, Amander Parer, Ben Quilty, Jennifer Riddle, Ian Waldron, Nicole Welch, Carolyn Young and  Keturah Nangala Zimran.

Length and Breadth - Parliament House

Totem - Bathurst Harbour , 2016

Jennifer Riddle


Acrylic on canvas


Salon des refusés, 2016 - S.H Ervin Gallery, Sydney and Mornington Peninsula Regional Gallery, Vic.


Celery Top Islands - Bathurst Harbour 137.5cm x 213cm

Celery Top Island - Bathurst Harbour  2016  

Jennifer Riddle


Synthetic Polymer on canvas


Bay of Fires Art Prize, Finalist 2016

Winner of the People's Choice Award


Fallen - D'Entrecasteaux 2016

Jennifer Riddle


Acrylic on canvas


Australian Parliament House Aquisitions - 2016



'Totem - Bathurst Harbour'

Totem - Bathurst Harbour 2016

Jennifer Riddle

153cm x153cm

Acrylic on canvas



'Decsend to Rise'

Descend to Rise 2016

Jennifer Riddle

112cm x 112cm

Acrylic on canvas


Mornington Peninsula Shire Aquisitive Prize

Winner 2015




Glover Prize - Finalist 2015



 Low Tide - Satellite Island 152cm x 121.5cm-2

Low Tide - Satellite Island 2015

Jennifer Riddle

122cm x 152.5cm

Acrylic on canvas







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